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SET TRENDS, NEVER FOLLOW THEM. Google search the word, trendsetter:

        a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas.

One who has the "onions" to do what everyone else isn't. With such style and charisma that the "real" bows their head, and the ones with no clue have no idea what just happened. Was it the "hustler" from your neighborhood you looked up to because he had all the chicks, the fat whip, and the freshest clothes. Or maybe that friend you had who dropped out of college, but you knew they would always be successful, you just couldn't figure how. You loved their dedication, they're commitment to never giving up.

You and I all know these people from all walks of life. The athlete who broke racial barriers, the award winning entertainer that no one believed in but their mother******* self. Or maybe that guy who sold computers out of his garage, or maybe even some some bi-racial kid who smoked weed in college to go on to be Pres.....and so on and so on.

As I grew up I witnessed some incredible, legendary, trendsetters in many different fields. I was amazed as a young kid in New York seeing graffiti all over the city. I was always a hip-hop head, I loved breakdancing, and fashion. Graffiti was part of the culture. Every race, every color took part in the art. They put their work up on bridges, storefronts, parks, and most of all the trains. Back in the 70s and 80s the trains were totally covered in graffiti. This is pre-Giuliani, before he cleaned the whole city up. It was art in it's purest form. These artists were risking everyday life to "tag" their name up. You saw pieces that were a whole train car long. Some were written in their name, sometimes they tagged the latest "trends" in the brightest colors you've ever seen.

One of the coolest places I've ever been to was called, "5 Pointz" in NYC. It's recently been torn down to build "gentrified" condos. That place had some of the most amazing graffiti tagged inside and outside of this old wear house by artists from all over the world. It's pretty cool to see some of the artists from way back getting their proper due now in art gallery's all over the United States and abroad. When you set trends, you become legend forever. 

In the last month one of the greatest players in my generation was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Mr. Allen Iverson. I was a huge Georgetown Hoyas fan growing up all the way back to the Pat Ewing days. When I first saw AI play, I was amazed. My buddy and I never missed a game he played that was on TV. He could score from anywhere, 3 point range, pull-up, off the dribble. He could take anyone 1-on-1. You couldn't defend AI with one player. He would also dunk on anyone, sick hops! It boggled my mind how he could jump like that being only 6'0". (side note: AI was not 6'0" as listed, he was more like 5'10", I stood next to him, I know.)

I'll never forget he played in the famous Rucker Park in Harlem. I was there on the fence one hot summer. He was on the same team as Stephon Marbury. Right off the opening tip the ball went to Marbury, AI went full speed down court, Steph received the tip and threw an alley-oop from half court to AI. The first play of the game! The crowd went nuts, some people ran onto the court, and the game almost ended before it started!

Allen Iverson is the true meaning of a trendsetter. He played the game the way he wanted to. He crossed over MJ so bad the NBA banned his signature move. He wore jean-suits, and "urban" gear on the bench. He rocked fitted hats, and blinged-out chains. He took a Philadelphia 76ers team to the 2001 NBA Finals with absolutely no talent outside of Dikembe Motombo, and almost beat that powerful Los Angeles Lakers team. He averaged 35.6 points in the Finals, with 48 points in Game 1. I was never happy how AI's career ended in the NBA. With that said, I'm proud he's now a Hall of Famer getting his proper due. He will forever be known as a TRENDSETTER.

"I was recruited by every school in the country for football and basketball, and the incident (for which Iverson was jailed, but eventually exonerated) happened in high school and all that was taken away," Iverson said. "No other teams, no other schools, were recruiting me anymore. My mom went to Georgetown and begged him to give me a chance, and he did. And that's crazy to think that you're the best football player in the world, which I did, and to be sitting up here as a Hall of Famer in basketball, you tell me God ain't good." - Allen Iverson





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